3rdSET - Single Day Dental Implants

Teeth In One Day



In basic terms, the implant is a replacement for the root of the tooth. The implant is used to host a crown, bridge or prosthetic dentures.

  • The Implant – a titanium rod that replaces the root of the tooth, it is surgically placed into the jaw.
  • The Abutment – the connector holding the implant to the prosthetic tooth (or teeth)
  • The Crown – this is the prosthetic tooth (teeth) that are visible when you smile and utilized when you bite


The implant is a metal rod placed under the gum in the jaw bone. Once it is established and integrated, an abutment is placed/connected over or into it. That abutment will be the connector between the implant and the prosthetic tooth (teeth). The crown, or prosthetic tooth, is then placed on the abutment. So, you have the crown, connected to the abutment, which is attached to the implant, which in turn is connected to your jaw. The crown can be made of several different materials, all resembling teeth in shape and shade. They feel and function like your natural teeth. Depending on the desired strength and look, we can choose from a variety of products/materials, always balancing the benefits with the risks and ease of patient care.

These procedures require more skill, planning, and equipment, culminating in each patient's surgery being planned on a computer with their exact bony anatomy documented and utilized. Sometimes a robotic milled precision guide can be used to place the implant(s) in the precise location identified in virtual surgery during the planning phase. The team at 3rdSET® is at the forefront of this cutting-edge dentistry. We can provide video presentation to our patients, and with our patient's permission, we provide more detailed documentation to other dentists for learning.



For those patients needing only a single implant, 3rdSET® can provide our exceptional care for the replacement of a single tooth. Loss due to disease, trauma or other circumstances such as congenitally missing teeth, can be restored to proper health and function, leaving you with a functional oral condition. At 3rdSET® single-visit tooth extraction and implant placement can be completed in one day!

Are dental implants expensive?

Although each case is unique, we have found over the years, that many of the processes and procedures needed can be grouped together and therefore we are able to create a package concept.

The initial layout for dental implant treatment varies on how many implants are needed and if bone augmentation is required. Other factors include the surgery itself, lab work, the prosthesis and the dentist’s and dental technician’s fees. A cost plan will be developed only when all of these aspects have been addressed.

For example: If your situation is straightforward, with or without existing damaged teeth and their extraction and not needed bone grafting, we have a package for that. The package is all inclusive and addresses your situation including prosthetic teeth. Perhaps your requirements are a bit more complicated. You might require some bone grafting. We can add that requirement and create a packaged price for that circumstance as well.

Maybe you find that you have very little bone left, and your situation requires not only bone harvesting, but you also require complex sinus grafting. We've got you covered. All of our packages include the final prosthetic teeth (single crowns to final full arch of teeth) and are crafted to provide our patient with the most efficient prices possible. We also offer several different dental (financing options)

Are there any risks when placing dental implants?

Implant therapy is not an experimental approach; rather it is a well-proven, state-of-the-art medical dental technique that has been scientifically tested and used for decades by dentists and surgeons worldwide. Depending on the condition of each patient, potential risk factors may vary. Bad oral hygiene or limited healing of the wound due to pre-existing medical conditions (for example diabetes and osteoporosis) may reduce the odds of the implant remaining in place. Since every surgical procedure carries potential risks, your dentist will evaluate whether dental implants are the option for you.



For those patients that require more than one implant, we've got you covered. Sometimes tooth loss is not limited to one tooth but does not involve a full mouth restoration. 3rdSET® is able (through the use of multiple implants supporting multiple teeth) to restore your smile and allow you to reclaim full function of the lost area.