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Multiple Dental Implants

When 2 or more teeth are missing

For those patients that require more than one implant, we've got you covered. Sometimes tooth loss is not limited to one tooth but does not involve a full mouth restoration. 3rdSET Implant Solutions is able (through the use of multiple implants supporting multiple teeth) to restore your smile and allow you to reclaim full function of the lost area.


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3rdSET Implant Solutions is a Nevada based corporation and its members are licensed dentists in Nevada, Arizona, and California. 3rdSET® Implant Solutions is part of a professional affiliation of dental practices that provide implant dentistry within their local practices which delivers restorative dentistry. With today’s technologies a majority of patients qualify for same day implants and can accomplish the procedure in one day after initial diagnosis, without additional graft surgery to generate more bone and soft tissue, and may be able to leave the office on the same day with a provisional prosthesis and the long term prosthesis placed later after the healing period is over. General dentists trained in the surgical aspect as well as the prosthodontics aspect of this treatment will provide the care. Dental implants are not part of a recognized specialty and it is a skill that any licensed qualified dentist can be trained in. Limited services are available at satellite offices.