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Welcome to 3rdSET® Implant Solutions

We are a multi-jurisdictional dental implant company and our field of interest is the delivery of dental implant care to patients who have lost their teeth as well as doctor education and mentorship in the field of dental implants.

Our mission is to use our skills to bring dignity back to the lives of people that have lost the form and function of their teeth, often resulting in profound disrupts in all areas of their lives. Further, to multiply the positive effect of these actions by teaching other dentists our approach and techniques, to more broadly address the citizenry of not only our practice but throughout many areas of the world.

Why Choose 3rdSET®?

At 3rdSET®, we provide our patients with a variety of options including the so called All-on-4®, All-on-6 or other options, depending on the individual's needs. We create a custom treatment plan to address every concern and suggest a comprehensive plan detailing the process to your healthy and beautiful smile. In the majority of cases the day the implants are placed the temporary prosthesis will be anchored to the implants around evening time or the next morning in some rare instances. After the healing time is finished which is about 4 months in most cases then the final prosthetic teeth will be replacing the temporary prosthesis.


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