3rdSET Implant Solutions is a Nevada based corporation and its members are licensed dentists in Nevada, Arizona, and California. 3rdSET® Implant Solutions is part of a professional affiliation of dental practices that provide implant dentistry within their local practices which delivers restorative dentistry. With today’s technologies a majority of patients qualify for same day implants and can accomplish the procedure in one day after initial diagnosis, without additional graft surgery to generate more bone and soft tissue, and may be able to leave the office on the same day with a provisional prosthesis and the long term prosthesis placed later after the healing period is over. General dentists trained in the surgical aspect as well as the prosthodontics aspect of this treatment will provide the care. Dental implants are not part of a recognized specialty and it is a skill that any licensed qualified dentist can be trained in. Limited services are available at satellite offices.

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Get ready to learn alongside industry experts. Everything is covered from diagnosis, treatment planning and execution of the surgery.

2 Mentors

5 Doctors

150 Implants

  • Immediate Implants

  • Hydraulic Sinus Lift 

  • Ridge Split Surgeries

  • Membrane & Bone grafting

  • Dedicated Surgical assistant

Having only 5 students 2 mentors and 150 implants will give each student maximum attention and opportunity in acquiring the skills necessary. Each doctor will have their own chair and a dedicated surgical assistant. 3rdSET® Implant Courses were created with the dental professional in mind; our goal is to help you achieve a complete understanding of every facet of implant dentistry. The program is a true training continuum of mentored education that builds not only your understanding of the intricacies in implant treatment, but trains your staff and helps to restructure your practice to achieve your goals.

Mentorship Courses

Personalized Chair-side Surgical Implant Guidance

After you participate in our program, both you and your assistant will be well-versed in all aspects of dental implant treatments. From simple single-tooth restorations, multi-tooth replacements, and implants in aesthetic areas to full-arch restorations and complete smile makeovers, we can help ensure you and your staff are fully trained and excelling in all implant treatments. We want to help you provide optimal results while also increasing your own profitability.

Get in touch with our course advisors to help determine if placing implants might be right for you.


Chair-side mentorship

Our professional team is here to guide you and your assistant every step of the way throughout the surgery. Schedule this service today to ensure that you’re ready for what’s ahead.


Live Implant Courses


Take your surgical skills to the next level with this LIVE Patients beginner to advanced Implant Course and receive 38 PACE CE Credits sponsored by: Neodent


Get in touch with our course advisors to help determine if placing implants might be right for you.

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Universal Densah® Bur Kit


Densah Burs offer clinicians an alternative to the use of standard drilling to prepare dental implant osteotomies. 

Get To Know Us

Our Team of Qualified Providers

Dr Athari - Dental Implants Las Vegas

Dr. Farshad Athari

Course Director

Graduate of Northwestern University (the preeminent institution recognized throughout the world as the academic home of Dr. Black, the Father of American Dentistry). Upon graduating in 1999, with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery.



Crestal approach procedures with bone grafting will be taught for those cases where there is lack of bone and close proximity to the sinus either for an immediate implant placement or delayed placement.


Techniques will be discussed and performed utilizing resorbable and non-resorbable membranes with proper suture design and alleviating bone grafting complications.


In-depth socket preservation techniques covering all membrane types as well as different types of bone for complicated cases including incision and suture techniques.


For narrow bone ridge type of cases one must be aware of the techniques in splitting the ridge in order to be able to place an implant with bone and membrane grafting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many doctors will be in the room?

The maximum number of attendees will be limited to 5 for maximum experience of education.

Where is the course located?

BAJA- Mexico (30 min drive from San Diego airport

How many implant for each doctor?

We will have 150 implants dedicated and on hand per program. Based on your speed and skills each student will be placing up to 30 implants

Is this course an entry level residency?

This course is for beginners to advanced. From our past experience about 60% of the students have never placed a single implant before. Only requirement is to be able to perform extractions.

The knowledge is wonderful, the class is small enough where you can get the personal attention...

Dr. Zimmerman - Florida