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Dr. Farshad Athari

Dr. Athari graduated from Chicago’s prestigious Northwestern University Dental School in 1999 with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery which is one of the best recognized institutions in the world. He has trained many doctors from the US in the field of Implant Surgery both in live patient surgeries as well as lectures in advanced Implant surgery and complications of such cases.

He started his career in Phoenix Arizona. He quickly realized to be able to provide the ultimate care he needed to be able to see only one patient at a time for treatment. In 2008 he moved to Las Vegas to be near family and built his practice based on his one-on-one dentistry philosophy.

Together with fellow alumnus Dr. Farid Ebrahim he founded 3rdSET Implant Solutions which is made of three branches: cosmetic implant surgery, implantology education for general practitioners, and a charity program.

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Dr. Farid Ebrahim

Dr. Ebrahim graduated from McGill University in Canada (1993) moving on to graduate with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago in the year 1997. Skilled in Cosmetic Dentistry, Cosmetic Dental Surgery, and Dental Implants, Dr. Ebrahim is a skillful educator in the field of implantology. He is the chair of 3rdSET Implant Solutions mentorship program and the academic instructor.

Experienced General Dentist with a demonstrated history of working in the healthcare industry. Throughout the years he went on to gain many accolades including his fellowship degree in dental Implants.

Dr. Ebrahim met Dr. Athari in Chicago in 1995 at Northwestern University’s Dental School which has always been one of the most advanced universities in the world and brings pride to America all around the world. (the preeminent institution recognized as the academic home of Dr. G.V. Black, the Father of American Dentistry) Highly accomplished in dentistry he holds years of postdoctoral educational series, classes, and training in implants and cosmetic dentistry. As a seasoned dentist his strength is in educating and advising fellow dentists. A chef at heart he is an encyclopedia on food from all around the world.

About Us

3rdSET® is a Nevada based corporation that operates in multiple states. We have offices in Las Vegas and Phoenix and are currently training a new generation of dentists who can help us grow our business concept from within. Our main focus is full mouth reconstruction using implant supported prosthetics, and to do so we train other dentists in this field so that we could have a far reaching effect throughout the US.

Our Mission

Is to use our skills to bring dignity back to the lives of people that have lost the form and function of their teeth, often resulting in profound disrupts in all areas of their lives. Further, to multiply the positive effect of these actions by teaching other dentists our approach and techniques, to more broadly address the citizenry of not only our practice but throughout many areas of the world.

Our Story

It all started in a charity based course in Mexico for patients who needed removal of their teeth and replacing them with implants. It was there where Dr. Athari & Dr. Ebrahim came to meet many people who were involved with this program and its day to day operations to keep the program running. Together they have performed multiple surgeries over the last three years, created content for professional lectures, and formulated the collaboration that has led to the creation of 3rdSET® Implant Solutions.

3rdSET® Locations

Las Vegas

9530 S. Eastern Ave suite 170 Las Vegas Nevada 89123


1423 South Higley Rd Suite 123 Mesa Arizona 85206