3rdSET - Single Day Dental Implants

Teeth In One Day

Frequently Asked Questions

Course Questions

  • How many implant for each doctor?

    Based on your speed and skills each doctor will place up to 30 implants. We will have 200 implants dedicated and on hand per residency program.
  • How many doctors will be in the room?

    The maximum number of attendees will be limited to 6 for maximum experience of education.
  • Are sinus lift and ridge split procedures guaranteed?

    Dependent on the number of cases that require that treatment 
  • How far is the drive from San Diego airport?

    30-40 Minutes
  • Who are the mentors?

    Dr. Farid Ebrahim DDS & Dr. Farshad Athari DDS
    (Northwestern University)
  • What is the tuition cost?

    The price for the course is $15000 (All inclusive)
  • Is this course an entry level residency?
    I have not placed any implants yet.

    This course is for beginners to advanced. From our past experience about 90% of the students have never placed a single implant before. Only requirement is to be able to perform extractions.