3rdSET - Single Day Dental Implants

Teeth In One Day



Which one is better for me? The answer is fairly simple. Implants are far better for patients who like to replace the lost teeth. The bigger issue is always the fees associated with the much more superior option of implants.


A permanent solution to replacing the natural teeth. The ability to preserve the youthfulness of the oral health and prevent further bone and tissue loss. They will be like your own teeth from within your own body.

Dental Implants are as strong as real teeth and once the teeth portion is attached to them then the natural feel and appearance as well as chewing ability will be restored to its form and function.

  • Higher Investment
  • High strength in chewing capacity
  • Natural feel and looks
  • Preserves the bone and prevents bone loss
  • Helping in facial bone structure and maintaining youthful appearance
  • Restores correct chewing
  • Restores ultimate cosmetics and lip emergence
  • Increases self esteem and social confidence
  • More desirable in intimacy, very secure feel, can eat anything.

Why do so many people with dentures come back looking toward implants for more stability?

We find that more and more patients transition from their dentures and seek implant supported prosthetics and that they realize an amazing change in their quality of life influencing their emotional state, mood and happiness and attractiveness and youthful feel to the face improving and positively affecting relationships with their partners. Even average lifespan of implants surpasses dentures. in General patients can keep their implants for the rest of their lives.


  • Less costly
  • Poor strength, no real chewing stability
  • Looks can be good but constant bone loss
  • Bone loss will still occur
  • Loss of youthful appearance
  • Does not really restore but the patient adapts to it by having no other option and accepting it and dealing with it
  • Somewhat helps, most of the time may need glues and adhesives
  • Poor self esteem and low self confidence, more depressed mood
  • Very limited food choices, purees, shakes, no vegetables, and apples. Some options will fade from everyday life and mashed potatoes will become a major source of food, impossible to chew on almonds.

It is our goal that upon leaving the office, you will have a clear understanding of your treatment plan, the process (including details about planning, surgery, recovery, and cost) and your options for permanent teeth, all of which is included in a package created just for you.

At 3rdSET we also provide some third party financing which will facilitate our patients in attaining their dream of having their teeth and enjoying the benefits of a healthy oral state.