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In basic terms, the implant is a replacement for the root of the tooth. The implant is used to host a crown, bridge or prosthetic dentures.

  • The Implant – a titanium rod that replaces the root of the tooth, it is surgically placed into the jaw.
  • The Abutment – the connector holding the implant to the prosthetic tooth (or teeth)
  • The Crown – this is the prosthetic tooth (teeth) that are visible when you smile and utilized when you bite

Focusing on surgical dentistry and the latest dental implant technology and techniques.

The team at 3rdSET® is at the forefront of this cutting-edge dentistry. Incorporating the best dental implant services to give every client a personalized treatment plan. Come into our family and smile with confidence. IV Sedation NOW Available. Las Vegas, NV - Phoenix, AZ




Removable Supported Dentures

Option to convert to fixed/non-removable

Starting at $10,000




This is a very high tech high skilled solution for those in need of at least one arch of teeth in their mouth. People who have dentures qualify for this life changing surgical and cosmetic treatment.

Full Arch Restoration Starting at $17,000
(for basic non complicated cases)

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Dr. Farshad Athari

Dr. Athari graduated from Chicago’s prestigious Northwestern University Dental School in 1999 with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery which is one of the best recognized institutions in the world. He has trained many doctors from the US in the field of Implant Surgery both in live patient surgeries as well as lectures in advanced Implant surgery and complications of such cases.



Dr. Farid Ebrahim

Dr. Ebrahim graduated from McGill University in Canada (1993) moving on to graduate with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Northwestern University Dental School in Chicago in the year 1997. Skilled in Cosmetic Dentistry, Cosmetic Dental Surgery, and Dental Implants, Dr. Ebrahim is a skillful educator in the field of implantology. He is the chair of 3rdSET Implant Solutions mentorship program and the academic instructor.


Cost of Dental Implants

Total treatment packages for different scenarios

The initial layout for dental implant treatment varies on how many implants are needed and if bone augmentation is required. Other cost factors include the surgery itself, lab work, the prosthesis and the dentist’s and dental technician’s fees. A cost plan will be developed only when all of these aspects have been addressed. Finance Solutions

We provide as much information as the patient is comfortable absorbing. We take the time to educate each of our patients, as we believe a fully informed patient will make the best decisions. Once the patient is comfortable with their understanding of the process, the next thought is of pain.

The idea of surgery can be concerning, and many of our patients have dealt with periods of dental pain or have had negative experiences in the past. The good news is, you'll be completely numb under IV Sedation for the entire process.

Teeth In One Day

Full Arch Dental Implants

Our professional team is here to guide you every step of the way throughout the surgery. Schedule this service today to ensure that you’re ready for what’s ahead.


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For patients who suffer with dental anxiety or phobia or those having more extensive procedures, considering sedation can be a game-changer.


For those patients needing only a single implant, 3rdSET® can provide our exceptional care for the replacement of a single tooth.


For those patients that require more than one implant, we've got you covered. Sometimes tooth loss is not limited to one tooth but does not involve a full mouth restoration.


This is a very high tech high skilled solution for those in need of at least one arch of teeth in their mouth. People who have dentures qualify for this life changing surgical and cosmetic treatment.


All-on-4® is a copyrighted, trademarked invention, tied to a specific Nobel BioCare Implant brand developed by professor Paulo Malo. This technique adheres to exact and unique protocol guidelines, derived by extensively researched and documented experiences for over 25 years with a 98% success rate at his facility.


Unlike conventional dentures, which can potentially slip out of place, snap-in dentures are more stable and versatile. Dental implants or screws placed within your jawbone hold snap-in dentures in place. Typically, two to four implants are used in each jaw.


At 3rdSET we provide third party financing which will facilitate our patients in attaining their dream of having their teeth and enjoying the benefits of a healthy oral state.

Rates from 6.95%–35.89% APR, with no prepayment penalties

Credit limits up to $65,000
48 - 60 months promotional financing

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3rdSET Implant Solutions is a Nevada based corporation and its members are licensed dentists in Nevada, Arizona, and California. 3rdSET® Implant Solutions is part of a professional affiliation of dental practices that provide implant dentistry within their local practices which delivers restorative dentistry. With today’s technologies a majority of patients qualify for same day implants and can accomplish the procedure in one day after initial diagnosis, without additional graft surgery to generate more bone and soft tissue, and may be able to leave the office on the same day with a provisional prosthesis and the long term prosthesis placed later after the healing period is over. General dentists trained in the surgical aspect as well as the prosthodontics aspect of this treatment will provide the care. Dental implants are not part of a recognized specialty and it is a skill that any licensed qualified dentist can be trained in. Limited services are available at satellite offices.