At 3rdSET®, we can provide our patients with a variety of options including the so called All-on-4®, All-on-6 or other options, depending on the individual's needs. We create a custom treatment plan to address every concern and suggest a comprehensive plan detailing the process to your healthy and beautiful smile. After the healing time is finished, which is about 4 months in most cases then the final prosthetic teeth will be replacing the temporary prosthesis. 

The History of All-on-4®

Professor Paulo Malo (from Portugal) became very interested in the reconstruction of the dilapated oral state in 1991. He devised a plan to restore the mouth to a high standard of mechanized chewing and speech, producing machinery with the fixed stability of implants and teeth, utilizing a bar between the implant and the teeth. He imagined a system creating a solution that would enable the patient the luxury of fully restored abilities, without the common problems associated with traditional dentures.

3rdSET® Implant Solutions is a science-based organization, adhering to Dr. Malo’s techniques and approaches in implant dentistry. All-on-4® is a copyrighted, trademarked invention, tied to a specific Nobel BioCare Implant brand developed with Dr. Malo’s technique. This technique adheres to exact and unique protocol guidelines, derived by extensively researched and documented experiences for over 25 years with a 98% success rate at his facility.


3rdSET® uses Neodent Implants (A Straumann Group Implant Company, the largest Implant Company in the world and the gold standard by which allot, her implants are measured by). 3rdSET® is respectful of all intellectual property rights of all companies involved. It should be noted that although 3rdSET® adheres to the science guidelines and protocols obtained in personalized training, our company is not affiliated with Dr. Malo or Ana Pestana Ferro, or any university. Furthermore, we are not affiliated with the All-on-4®, the business of Dr.Malo or Nobel BioCare Company. We recognize the name All-on-4® has become associated with implant dentistry, and patients now inquire about this subject using the term (without acknowledging the existence of the trademark and its significance). 

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3rdSET Implant Solutions is a Nevada based corporation and its members are licensed dentists in Nevada, Arizona, and California. 3rdSET® Implant Solutions is part of a professional affiliation of dental practices that provide implant dentistry within their local practices which delivers restorative dentistry. With today’s technologies a majority of patients qualify for same day implants and can accomplish the procedure in one day after initial diagnosis, without additional graft surgery to generate more bone and soft tissue, and may be able to leave the office on the same day with a provisional prosthesis and the long term prosthesis placed later after the healing period is over. General dentists trained in the surgical aspect as well as the prosthodontics aspect of this treatment will provide the care. Dental implants are not part of a recognized specialty and it is a skill that any licensed qualified dentist can be trained in. Limited services are available at satellite offices.