Teeth In ONE Day

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We take the time to educate each of our patients, as we believe a fully informed patient will make the best decisions. 

Teeth In One-Day


Full Arch Restoration Starting at $25k per arch

(for basic non complicated cases)

*Introductory offer until Nov/2020

Las Vegas, NV - Phoenix, AZ

What is Teeth In One-Day?

Call +1 (702) 470-8350

This is a very high tech high skilled solution for those in need of at least one arch of teeth in their mouth. People who have dentures qualify for this life changing surgical and cosmetic treatment.

Once the patient is comfortable with their understanding of the process, the next thought is of pain. The idea of surgery can be concerning, and many of our patients have dealt with periods of dental pain or have had negative experiences in the past. The good news is, you'll be completely numb under IV Sedation for the entire process.

This event is performed under sedation and all the remaining teeth would be removed and a minimum of 4 implants are placed and the new temporary teeth will be anchored to the implants the same day.

This is a highly skilled procedure which involves many professionals and team members. It restores the lost dignity of the oral cavity and brings the youthful form and function of the mouth back.



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Teeth In ONE Day

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Make an appointment to meet with our dentists and allow the doctors to answer your questions. If you require financial assistance, we have several third-party financial plans available.



Once all the initial questions have been answered, your exams are done, and the analysis of what is needed is done, the planning stage can begin, it's time for choosing a date for your surgery.



After completed, we will start the work on the conversion process while you rest in our office. This involves working on the premade temporary teeth so that we can connect them to the implants that were placed early in the day.